While most problems that occur can be resolved through discussion and compromise when addressed in a timely manner, sometimes a problem may require further conciliation. Our grievance procedures are designed to resolve a problematic situation that cannot be resolved in a simple manner. The steps that should be taken are as follows:

  1. The student should register the complaint in writing within 30 days of the date that the act which is the subject of the grievance occurred. Please include date, time, people involved, any evidential facts to support your grievance, and the outcome expected.
  2. This complaint letter should be handed to the Director of the school, Patty Westra.
    The process of investigation may include interviewing other students, teachers, and staff in order to substantiate the grievance.
  3. The results after a thorough investigation of the problem will be put in writing and given to the student within 10 days of receiving the grievance.
  4. If the student feels that the problem has not been addressed satisfactorily and still feels it necessary to pursue further relief, the student may resubmit the grievance with reasons why the solution given will not suffice and request a hearing by the school’s grievance hearing committee.
  5. The school’s management will appoint the members of this committee, which may include a staff member not included in the grievance, an instructor not related to the grievance, and an outside person not employed by the school and not a part of the grievance.
  6. All facts and evidence will be discussed, and a written report with recommendations or modifications will be given to the student within 15 days after the student requests further relief.
  7. The student may also file a written complaint online with the Colorado Division of Private Occupational Schools at or 303-862-3001. All student complaints submitted to the Division must be in writing. There is a two-year limitation from the student’s last date of attendance on the Division taking action on student complaints. The student may also submit the complaint to NACCAS,3015 Colvin St., Alexandria, VA 22314, 703-600-7600