September 6, 2018

Parker Nails School

According to a recent study, the nail polish industry racked in $768 million in the U.S alone, a staggering 38% increase from last year. Add the numbers up and it is quite clear the nail market is booming. Thus, it goes unsaid that a career in nail technology would offer good income, the much needed flexibility required in these frugal times and independence. So if you are creative, energetic and passionate about nails, take a look at what an established Parker Nails school has to offer.

The Stacey James Institute invites you to one of the most exciting and fastest growing professions in the beauty industry through their Manicure programs. Here, you will be trained safety judgment, basic manipulative skills, proper work habits and desirable attitudes all which are necessary for entry level positions in cosmetology positions and other related fields. With just 20 credit hours of instructions (both theoretical and practical skill development) you could have your own license from the department of Regulatory Agencies.

What is a manicure?
This is basically a cosmetic beauty treatment for fingernails and hands. A standard manicure includes filing, shaping of the nails and application of polish.

You see, nails have become an accessory in their own right. The only difference is that unlike bags, shoes and jewelry, they are much more affordable; increasing your pool of potential customers. Plus, with nail art constantly changing and technology adding on to the variety, you stand to enjoy an interesting career.

So what do you need to get started?

  • You must be at least 14 years of age
  • Must have to forms of identification (drivers license and social security card)
  • Appropriate educational requirements (diploma, GED, Certified statement of receipt of a high school diploma, Official Junior high or high school transcript, passing an ATB test.
  • You must complete an Application for enrollment and provide proof for age and education

Long gone are the days when a trip to the manicure parlor only included picking out a color and adding an occasional flower design, today, you stand to serve a market that is not only diverse but brimming with choices. Are you ready to venture this world?


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