October 20, 2012

Hair Schools In Parker

This is what You Should Know About Hair Schools

Although hairdressers are commonly associated with the technical aspects of their job, it goes unsaid that they do more than just cutting and styling hair. In fact, according to Scott. J. Buchanan, the chairman of the Professional Beauty Association, hairdressers practically change people’s lives. However, just like any other industry, cosmetology has greatly changed over the last decade. This is quite evident in the reports provided by the Bureau of Labor statistics that projected a 12.7% growth in the cosmetology industry with over 77,000 new cosmetologists positions to be availed by the year 2022. With such statistics, it isn’t hard to figure out why more and more people are opting to join this industry. In this read, we focus particularly on hairdressers and what to expect from hair schools in Parker.

Who is a hairdresser?
A hairdresser is a licensed cosmetologist who has received training on a spectrum of beauty styling techniques (skin treatments, manicures, pedicures) but concentrates on hair services.

What does it take to join a hair school in Parker?
Well, most hair schools will only accept applicants that have qualified for a cosmetology license. And to get the license, you are required to fulfill your state’s requirement. For instance, some states will need you to be of a certain age and to have reached certain levels of education, on the other hand however, some states do not have any requirements.

Wondering how long it’ll take before starting off your career? An average program in most hairdressing schools will last anywhere from 9-10 months; however, some can last longer. Again, the schedule set by different schools will be dependent on the requirements of the state. When joining a hair school in Parker, one should expect to attend classes like a full time job. Gone are the days when beauty schools were considered fit only for kids who didn’t get to college, today, hairdressers are one of the most celebrated professionals in the business world.


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