October 27, 2023

8 Careers I Can Have As A Cosmetologist

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Whether you’re a student considering enrolling in cosmetology school or a seasoned professional looking to diversify your career options, we’re here to guide you through the different career opportunities in cosmetology. In this blog post, we’ll delve deep into the various career paths that cosmetologists can pursue, opening your eyes to the vast world of opportunities waiting for you.


One of the most common careers for cosmetologists is that of a hairstylist. Hairstylists specialize in cutting, coloring, and styling hair to enhance their clients’ appearance. They work in salons, beauty spas, or even as freelance artists. This role allows you to connect with clients on a personal level, helping them feel confident and beautiful with every visit.

Makeup Artist

If you have a passion for makeup and love experimenting with colors and cosmetics, becoming a makeup artist can be a fantastic choice. Makeup artists work in various settings, including bridal, fashion, and entertainment industries. You can help clients achieve their desired looks for special occasions, photoshoots, or even film and television productions.


Estheticians focus on skincare and are experts in providing a wide range of facial and body treatments. This career path allows you to help clients achieve healthier and more radiant skin. Estheticians often work in spas, salons, or medical facilities, providing services such as facials, waxing, and body wraps.

Nail Technician

Nail technicians, also known as manicurists and pedicurists, specialize in nail care and design. They provide services like manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, and nail art. With the ever-growing popularity of nail art and self-care, this career offers excellent opportunities for creativity and client interaction.

Salon or Spa Manager

For cosmetologists with excellent organizational and managerial skills, becoming a salon or spa manager can be a viable career option. Managers oversee the daily operations of the establishment, including staffing, inventory management, and customer service. It’s a role that combines your cosmetology knowledge with business acumen.

Beauty Educator

If you have a passion for sharing your cosmetology expertise, consider becoming a beauty educator. In this role, you can teach aspiring cosmetologists the skills and techniques they need to excel in the industry. Many beauty schools and institutes hire experienced cosmetologists to instruct their students.

Beauty Blogger or Influencer

In the age of social media and digital marketing, many cosmetologists have found success as beauty bloggers or influencers. By creating engaging content about beauty tips, product reviews, and tutorials, you can build a loyal following and collaborate with beauty brands for sponsorships and promotions.

Freelance Artist

Freelance cosmetologists have the flexibility to work on their own terms. You can offer your services for special events like weddings, fashion shows, and photoshoots, or even provide in-home beauty services. Freelancing allows you to create your schedule, choose the services you provide, and build a diverse clientele.

Benefits Of Becoming A Cosmetologist

Becoming a cosmetologist offers a range of benefits that can make it a fulfilling and rewarding career choice. Here are some of the key advantages of pursuing a career in cosmetology:

  • Creativity and Artistic Expression: Cosmetology is a field where you can express your creativity and artistic talents. Whether you’re a hairstylist, makeup artist, or nail technician, you have the opportunity to use your skills to enhance a client’s appearance and boost their self-esteem through various creative techniques.
  • Job Opportunities: The beauty industry is vast and continually growing. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for cosmetologists is projected to grow 8% by the year 2032.
  • Flexibility: Cosmetologists often have flexibility in their work schedules. You can choose to work full-time or part-time, and some cosmetologists offer evening or weekend appointments to accommodate clients’ schedules. Freelancers have even more flexibility in setting their hours.
  • Diverse Clientele: Cosmetologists have the opportunity to work with a diverse range of clients. You’ll meet people from all walks of life and provide services to clients of different ages, backgrounds, and needs, which can make your job interesting and dynamic.
  • Personal Satisfaction: The beauty industry allows you to directly impact people’s lives by helping them look and feel their best. The satisfaction of seeing a client leave your chair with a smile and increased confidence can be incredibly rewarding.
  • Continuous Learning: Cosmetology is an evolving field with new trends, techniques, and products emerging regularly. This means there are continuous opportunities for learning and professional development. You can attend workshops, conferences, and courses to stay up-to-date with industry innovations.
  • Entrepreneurial Opportunities: Many cosmetologists go on to start their own businesses. Whether it’s opening your salon or offering mobile beauty services, entrepreneurship allows you to have more control over your career and income.
  • Networking and Community: Cosmetologists often build strong networks within the industry. This sense of community allows you to learn from peers, share experiences, and collaborate on projects, enhancing your professional growth.
  • Career Variety: Cosmetology offers diverse career paths. Whether you’re interested in hairstyling, makeup artistry, skincare, nail care, or other specializations, you can choose the path that aligns best with your interests and passions.

Let Us Help You!

If you have a passion for beauty and personal care, cosmetology may be the perfect career choice for you. At Stacey James Institute, we are dedicated to nurturing your talents and guiding you toward a career in the world of beauty. Whether you’re just starting your journey or looking to advance your skills, our instructors and programs are here to support you every step of the way. Embrace your passion and let us help you turn your dreams into a reality.

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